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The main reason that I made this journal was to participate in the various fandoms that I'm interested in. Most of the content here will be related to that along with the occasional 'this is what I've been up to' entry. I post whatever ramblings have come to mind as well as my fanworks. I see fandom as a source of great fun and not Very Serious Business. I do occasionally offer my thoughts on yaoi if I'm in the mood, though.

Of Note: Some of my fan fiction tends to be on the ecchi side and often involves m/m sex with or without emotional attachment. On occasion, I might discuss or post material about ecchi manga/comics/doujin/anime that have drawn my attention. My interests aren't limited to slash, as I'm quite fond of het and yuri/femslash, so those allergic to the female form and parts thereof might want to consider that. I also have the bad habit of writing stories about unspeakable things like incest, sexual violence, and the like. The underaged and those adverse to any of the topics above should make use of their back buttons.

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