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Here is a list of much of the fan fiction that I've written. For a full selection of fiction, visit my fan fiction archive if interested.



Servants of the Dream: Eventual NC-17. Pairing: Ivanova/Winters (main) others possible in the future. AU Babylon 5 fan fic. An unexpected visit throws Ivanova's world into turmoil, and she must find her place and purpose in it again. In the process she meets the person she never thought she'd see again, but is their reunion ill-intentioned?
Part One || Part Two

Trick of the Light: Rated PG. Character: Morden and his associates. Ficlet for [community profile] dailyprompt. Morden muses on his unseen companions.

Friend In Need: Rated PG. Pairing: Ivanova/Winters. Ficlet for [community profile] dailyprompt. Set near the end of Season 2. A shoulder to lean on is offered, but Susan has doubts.


Taming: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Aizen/Grimmjow, Aizen/Gin/Grimmjow. A smutty one-shot. Aizen decides to train Grimmjow to be a better minion. Warnings: Mild bondage, domination, non-con.

Close To You: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss, minor yuri. Watching the more experienced gives Wonderweiss ideas.

The Dangers of Eavesdropping: Rated PG. Characters: Kenpachi, Yachiru, Ikkaku, & Yumichika. An attempt at humor. Ikkaku and Yumichika overhear a conversation.

Blood Instead of Roses: Rated PG-13. Pairing: Kenpachi/Yachiru. An older Yachiru tries to get Kenpachi's attention.

The Other Side of Hatred: Rated PG-13. Pairing: Nnoitra/Neliel. Nnoitra and his thoughts as he watches Neliel.

Reprieve: Rated PG. Pairing: Nnoitra/Neliel. When Nnoitra thinks it's finally over, he realizes that everything has just begun.

Remedy: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Nnoitra/Tesla. Nnoitra has been more ill-tempered than usual, and Tesla makes a suggestion.

Worship: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Aizen/Tousen. A bit of smut. Aizen and Tousen in the throne room.

Touch: Rated PG. Pairing: Komamura/Tousen. Past fic. Tousen finds out about Komamura's secret.

On the Appreciation of Fracción: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Tesla/Nnoitra. Sequel to “Remedy.” Tesla gently prods and Nnoitra relents regarding a reversal of roles in the bedroom.

The Benefits of Friendship: Rated PG. Pairing: Komamura/Tousen. Happens pre-Soul Society arc. The pair's rushed arrival to a meeting sparks banter among the captains & vice captains. No spoilers.

From Roleplay to Reality: NC-17 overall. Pairing: Gin/Tousen!Aizen, Aizen/Gin/Tousen. Fantasy gets eclipsed by reality. No spoilers.
Part One || Part Two complete

Of Weakness and Curiosity: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Tousen/Grimmjow, Aizen & Gin voyeur. Sequel to 'Taming.' Tousen is reluctantly drawn into Aizen's game.

Unforeseen Complications: Rated PG-13. Pairing: Shinji/Aizen. Mild spoilers for the 'Turn Back the Pendulum' arc of the manga. When absolute hypnosis goes absolutely wrong.

Heaven is at your side: Rated PG. Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss. Long after everything is said and done, a different dream is alive.

Becoming: Rated PG-13. Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss. Prequel to Heaven is at your side. The Hougyoku changes Tousen.

Warmth on a Dark Night: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Komamura/Tousen. Set during the Soul Society arc. With events looming on the horizon, Tousen seeks a moment’s peace.

Regress: Rated PG. Characters: Nnoitra & Neliel. AU. Memory lost amidst the rolling dunes.

Gone Awry: Rated PG. Characters: Szayel & Tousen. Warnings for the effects of Fornicarás. Tousen is an unwitting participant in one of Szayel's experiments.

Temptation Waits: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Grimmjow/Tousen. Sequel to 'Of Weakness and Curiosity.' Grimmjow goads Tousen into making restitution.

You Can Taste Heaven Perfectly: Rated PG. Pairing: Tousen/f. AU. A scene from things that never were.


Liar's Game: Rated PG-13. Characters: Minatsuki. She learned how to play the game long ago.


Flight: Rated PG. Characters: Wikus van der Merwe. A fugitive seeks sanctuary.


Mornings: Rated PG. Characters: The Doctor & the Master. AU drabble. Breakfast set after the year that wasn't.

Careless Whisper: Rated PG. Characters: The Doctor & Martha. Drabble. Martha approaches a sleeping Doctor.

Four Walls: Rated PG-13. Pairing: Master/Martha. AU dark ficlet. Martha in the Master's grasp.

Enough to Burn: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Master/Lucy. Ficlet written for Porn Battle VI. At the end of the universe, the Master drives away Lucy's chill.

Promises to Keep: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Master/Martha/Lucy. AU. Sequel to 'Four Walls.' The Master plays a game at Martha's expense.

Impatience and Longing: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Martha/Doctor. The Doctor finds himself in a predicament, and Martha is tempted to take advantage.

Never Go Alone: Rated PG. Characters: Eleven & Amy. Ficlet with vague spoilers for ‘The Beast Below.’ The Doctor reflects while looking forward.

The Memory of Things That Never Were: Rated PG. Characters: Eleven & Rory. AU post-Cold Blood. Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely.

Revelations of the Intimate Kind: Rated NC-17. Pairings: Doctor/Rory, Doctor/Rory/Amy. A bit of spoiler-free smut. After a visit to an alien world, Rory discovers something about himself, Amy is rather liberal-minded, and the Doctor is all too obliging.

Things That Were Not, Yet Should Have Been: Rated PG. Characters: Ainley!Master & Eleven. Vague spoilers for ‘The Big Bang’ and ‘The Five Doctors.’ Two Time Lords meet along an unraveling timeline.


The Hazards of Cooking: Rated R. Pairing: Germany/Italy. Ficlet for [insanejournal.com profile] porn_battle. Germany teaches Italy the importance of cleaning up after one's self.


Waking to You: Rated PG-13. Pairing: Gene/Sam. Just a bit of fluff, but hopefully not enough to cause cavities. Sam and Gene the morning after.

Making Concessions: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Sam/Gene. Gene surprises himself by agreeing to fulfill something Sam has been fantasizing about.


Playing Nicely With Your Toys: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Dr. Ni/bunny. For [community profile] kink_bingo. After a stressful day on the job, Dr. Ni unwinds with a special friend.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: Rated PG. Pairing: Sulu/Chekov. Ficlet for [community profile] dailyprompt. When Sulu met Chekov.

A Certain Sense of Guilt: Rated PG. Characters: Spock & Chekov. Chekov seeks Spock out after he leaves the transporter room.


Based on the comicverse unless otherwise noted:

A Weekday Afternoon: Rated PG. Characters: Daniel & Rorschach. Happens pre-graphic novel. A chance meeting on the sidewalks of the city.

Making Exceptions: Rated R. Pairing: Nite Owl/Rorschach. Ficlet set circa 1965. Perhaps these were forgivable indiscretions in light of all they'd done.

Tumble Down: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Nite Owl/Rorschach (main), Twilight Lady/Rorschach (Pt I). Being captured by the enemy exposes what Rorschach would have preferred remained buried. Warning for non-con of the female aggressor variety in Part One.
Part One || Part Two || Part Three || on hold

Inerasable Sin: Rated R. Pairing: The Comedian/Silk Spectre II. A bit of AU. To sink toward fathomless depths.

A Bought Lesson: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Hooded Justice/The Comedian. Short but definitely not sweet. Teaching with a firm hand. Warning: non-con.

Chemical Reactions: Rated NC-17. Pairing: The Comedian/Rorschach. An excuse for smut. A raid on Twilight Lady's hidden club leads to interesting results.

Strange Bedfellows: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Doctor Manhattan/The Comedian. Blake discovers what Osterman already knows will occur. Warning: dubious consent.

Sex With Your Violence: Rated NC-17. Pairing: The Comedian/Captain Metropolis. Warnings for what the title suggests. Crimebusters AU. Nelson thinks that the Comedian might be able to provide what he's been missing for some time.
Part One || Part Two || Part Three || WIP

Times Like These: Rated NC-17. Pairing: m/The Comedian, Doctor Manhattan. Vietnam Era. Blake is taken captive and is treated to their lack of hospitality. Warning: rape and violence.

Matters of Curiosity: Rated NC-17. Pairing: The Comedian/female!Doctor Manhattan, Doctor Manhattan/The Comedian/female!Doctor Manhattan. Fic set in the Vietnam Era. Doctor Manhattan experiments and Blake is exceedingly interested in the results.

Reunion: Rated R. Pairing: The Comedian/Silk Spectre I. She loved a man that she had every reason to hate.

Furtive Gaze: Rated NC-17. Characters: The Comedian & Mothman. The Comedian masturbates. Mothman watches.

Turnabout: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Silk Spectre I/The Comedian. Written for the Watchmen kink meme. Things don't go as planned, and Blake ends up on the receiving end of what he wanted to dole out.

A Night to Forget: Rated NC-17. Pairing: The Comedian/Silk Spectre II. Alcohol fuels an encounter at that dinner party better left forgotten. Warnings for incest and dubious consent.

Old Dog, New Tricks: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Ozymandias/The Comedian. Movie canon smut (Yes, I know. Blasphemy). What happens at Studio 54 stays at Studio 54. Warning for coercion.

Issues of Control: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Hooded Justice/The Comedian, Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis/The Comedian. Minutemen era smut. Hooded Justice decides that the Comedian could benefit from his expertise. Nelson ends up joining in. Warnings for non-con, bondage, and a dab of violence.

Spare the Rod: Rated NC-17. Pairing: The Comedian/Silk Spectre II. A quick and dirty AU piece of smut written for the Watchmen kink meme. Playing at parenting. Warnings for incest and spanking.

Birthday Wishes: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Nite Owl I/The Comedian, Sally voyeur. A Minutemen era fic inspired by a kink meme prompt. Giving your favorite girl a special gift.

With an Eager Ear: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Sally solo, Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis. A Minutemen era ficlet for the Watchmen kink meme. While listening to her fellow masks' activities behind closed doors, Sally takes matters into her own hands.

The Dangers of Curiosity: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Veidt's Creature/The Comedian. Not for the first time, Blake wished he hadn't looked out of that window. Warnings for rape, violence, & character death.

Life On Jupiter: An AU Watchmen fan fiction that began as an attempt at NaNoWriMo that I am intent on finishing. Rated R overall with some parts reaching NC-17. Main pairing: Edward/Sally.
Index post and chapter list

Months and Hours: Rated PG. Pairing: The Comedian/Silk Spectre I. Written for [community profile] dailyprompt. Long after their tryst, Sally is left pregnant and with her thoughts.

For [community profile] kink_bingo:

Cool Steel: Rated NC-17. Pairing: The Comedian/Captain Metropolis. Eddie shows Nelson a way of having fun with weapons.

To Feast Upon Ashes: An AU Watchmen fan fic written for NaNoWriMo 2009. Main Pairings: Eddie/Sally, Eddie/Laurie. Rating: R to NC-17. Warnings for violence, incest, and character death. Laurie embarks on a reluctant career in crimefighting as upheaval looms on the horizon.
Index post and chapter list

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