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07-ghost, alfred bester, animation, anime, anthony wong chau-sang, axis powers hetalia, babylon 5, baccano, bara, battle bishops, black leather gloves, bondage, cheerful brutish men, chekov, classic doctor who, claymore, clergy with attitude, comics, cowboy bebop, cult classics, dark characters, dark humor, darker than black, dc comics, deadman wonderland, denno coil, district 9, disturbing behavior, doctor who, doujinshi, durarara, ecchi, elfen lied, enzai, ergo proxy, exiled, fan fiction, fantastic children, farscape, femdom, femslash, flamethrowers, fulltime killer, futanari, giant robo, gunkata, guro, hellsing, hentai, hong kong cinema, horror, incest, infernal affairs trilogy, johnnie to, justice league, last exile, le chevalier d'eon, life on mars (uk), love-hate relationships, manga, may-december romance, megane, melody of oblivion, men in black uniforms, men in lab coats, metalocalypse, metasensory police, mezzo forte, midare somenishi, mushishi, nee sensei, noein, noir, non-con, older gentlemen, oz, paprika, paranoia agent, passionate male rivalries, phoenix wright, pink floyd, psi corps, rahxephon, revolutionary girl utena, role reversal, rome, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sarkar, scanners, sci-fi, scientific detachment, seinen-ai, seirei no moribito, shadows, silver foxes, simoun, slash, snarky old bastards, speed grapher, star trek, star trek: aos, star trek: tos, switches, tales of the abyss, telepathy, the authority, the brothers quay, the demolished man, three-edged swords, tin man, tokyo babylon, tori amos, unconventional pairings, vans without windows, venture brothers, violating causality, violence, vore, vorlon logic, waita uziga, watchmen, women with swords, x/1999, xenobiology, yakuza, yami no matsuei
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